8 – 9 September 2013, Yogyakarta, INDONESIA

Monday 9 September 2013 (For all participants):

of Papers
07.30 - 08.30RegistrationSecretariat (Ms. Sisca)
08.30 - 08.45Opening RemarksDjoko Legono
(OC of 4th-IWMSD)

Bambang Suhendro
(Head of CEE-UGM)
108.45 - 09.00Predicting the Transport of Non-uniform
Sediment using Selected Transport Formulas
Wan Mohtar, W.H.M.,
Junaidi, and Mukhlisin, M.
Norifumi HOTTA
209.00 - 09.15Morphological Changes of Riverbed Induced
by Channel’s Cross Section and
Discharge Variation
Wahono, E.P., Legono, D.,
Yulistyanto, B., Istiarto,
and Klaasen, G.J.
Norifumi HOTTA
309.15 - 09.30Possibility of Preventing Disasters due
to Debrisflow in the Areas around
Active Volcanoes such as Mt.Merapi,
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Watanabe, M.Norifumi HOTTA
409.30 - 09.45Hydrological Characteristic and Simulation
of the Jakarta 2013 Flood Indonesia
Hapsari, R.I., Oishi, S.,
Wahyuni, S., Sisinggih,
D., and Sulistyowati, R.
Norifumi HOTTA
509.45 - 10.00Debris Force on Rectangular Column
due to Tsunami
Indriyani, M.,
Triatmadja, R.,
Norifumi HOTTA
10.00 - 10.30Coffee BreakSecretariat (Ms. Sisca)
610.30 - 10.45Simulation of Sediment Runoff Following
Fujita, M., Chen, C.Y.,
Tsutsumi, D., and Yamanoi, K.
Teuku Faisal Fathani
710.45 – 11.00Slope Management Survey using SMART
Method at Precint 20 Putrajaya Malaysia
Mukhlisin, M., Zainal N.S. and
Wan Mochtar, W.H.M.
Teuku Faisal Fathani
811.00 – 11.15
The Investigation of Sediment
Accumulation and Spatial Distribution
Bungkang, Y.
Teuku Faisal Fathani
911.15 – 11.30
Study on Surge Triggered by Debris flow
Plunging into River
Mizuno, H.
Teuku Faisal Fathani
1011.30 – 11.45
Prediction of lahar triggered by snowmelt
using numerical simulations involving
snowmelt and drainage processes
Miyata, S., Tsutsumi, D.,
Murashige, K., and Fujita, M.
Teuku Faisal Fathani
1111.45 - 12.00
Lift up Force on Concrete Blocks due to
Azizah, N., Triatmadja, R.,
Teuku Faisal Fathani
12.00 - 13.00
Secretariat (Ms. Sisca)
1213.00 - 13.15
3D Flow Pattern of Wonogiri Reservoir
for Predicting Sediment Distribution
Wulandari, D.A., Legono, D.,
and Darsono, S.
Rachmad Jayadi
1313.15 - 13.30
Community-based Approach on Flood
Disaster Risk Reduction
Suharyanto, A.
Rachmad Jayadi
1413.30 – 13.45
Time-Prediction Method of Upset of
Landslide Based on Stress-Dailatancy
Relation for Early Warning Agaist Shallow
Sasahara, K.
Rachmad Jayadi
1513.45 – 14.00
Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction: 
Jember Debris Flow Experiences
Ma'ruf, M.F.
Rachmad Jayadi
1614.00 – 14.15
Community Awareness and Attitudes to
Urban Floods: Findings from Questionnary
Survey of Flooding and Non-Flooding
Areas in East Java, Indonesia
Sisinggih, D., Inagaki, I.,
Wahyuni S., and Hapsari, R.I.
Yutaka Gonda
1714.15 – 14.30
Influence of the Correction Factors in
Simulating Debris Flows Influence of
the Correction Factors in Simulating
Debris Flows
Tai, Y.C. and Shen, C.C.
Yutaka Gonda
1814.30 - 14.45
Bridges Condition in the Rivers of
Boyong-Code, Kuning and Gendol
in the Post 2010 Merapi Eruption
Satyarno, I., Triwiyono, A.,
Akbar, A.,Widiastuti, M.A.,
and Musakkir, U.M.
Yutaka Gonda
1914.45 - 15.00
Influence of past landslides and
resulting sedimentation in a sediment
disaster at Shao-ling village, Taiwan,
during Typhoon Morakot, 2009
Hotta, N., Kubo, T., Imaizumi, F.,
Miyamoto, K., Lee, S.P.,
Tsai, Y.L., and Shieh, C.L.
Yutaka Gonda
15.00 – 15.30
Coffee Break
2015.30 - 15.45
Development of Lagrangian Galerkin
Method for 1D Debris Flow Model
Rahardjo, A.P. and Ridlo, B.Z.A.
Shusuke Miyata
2115.45 - 16.00
Effect of the 2010 Merapi Eruption on
Environment and Socio-Economic
Condition In Progo River and Its Tributaries
Ikhsan, J., Harsanto, P.,
and Sulaiman, M.
Shusuke Miyata
2216.00 - 16.15
Experimental Study of Pore Water
Pressure in Multi-layer Soil Structure
Imaizumi, F.
Shusuke Miyata
2316.15 - 16.30
Debris flow and flash flood at Putih
River after the 2010 eruption of
Mt.Merapi, Indonesia
Gonda, Y. and Legono, D.
Shusuke Miyata
2416.30 - 16.45
An Evaluation of River Bank Erosion
in Volcanic Rivers Post Eruption 2010
of Mount Merapi
Harsanto, P., Ikhsan, J.,
and Takebayashi, H.
Shusuke Miyata
2516.45 - 17.00
Tools of Prediction of Lahar Occurrence
after Volcanic Eruption
Yamakoshi, T., Takezawa, N.,
Nowa, Y., and Ishizuka, T.
Shusuke Miyata
17.00 - 17.15
Closing Remarks/Wrapup
Masaharu Fujita


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